Miss me?

I’m still here but I’m not ready to reemerge from our nest. I say nest because a nest is a shelter and retreat for babies and young ones. Our baby is seven months old. Yup, seven months. And I’m not ready to fly yet. We still have periods of struggle. Our most recent is baby Omega waking up hourly all night long for several nights in a row. There is a reason why sleep deprivation is a torture technique… It’s hell. I bow in amazement to the parents who trudge through these episodes and still have to work. Your resiliency ought to earn you Olympic medals!

In the last four months I have also babysat for my friend’s 2yo  for a few hours a day, 2-3 days a week. That meant a 4yo, two 2yos and a 3m old when I began sitting. Hence the no blogging.

Truth be told, I’m in no hurry to leave our nest. I like being with this beautiful family we have created. We still grocery shop and go to church weekly, but extra trips are kept to a  minimum. Our days are spent cooking, coloring, reading, napping, cleaning and playing. I’m trying to soak up every bit of this baby while I can because it’s already going by too fast.


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One Cent Short…

So something interesting happened to me the other day. We were headed somewhere and on our way I decided I needed a giant Dr Pepper. The timing was great because after I announced this Alpha said he needed a snack to bring his bgl up. Detour into Cumbies it is 🙂
I grabbed my giant death drink and a Kind bar for hubby. The total came to $3.14. I had exactly $3.13 in my wallet. One cent short. Out of habit it said aloud “seriously? God, this is a bad joke.” Having heard this the cashier was kind and offered to give me change and began to fumble for his wallet. I started to look for one of those “take a penny, leave a penny trays” and I swear a penny literally appeared on the counter. Just sitting there all by itself, not even in a tray, exactly when I needed it. So I gave the cashier this last penny I owed, said a quick yet sincere “thank you Jesus, halleluyeer ” in my best Madea voice and went on my way.

I don’t believe in coincidence so I googled “3:14 bible”. And I got
Ephesians 3:14- For this reason I kneel before the Father.
Isn’t that so appropriate?! We are all sinners. And we all come up short. But God is there for us. He has that last bit we need. We need his love and grace because we alone are not enough. I think that God was giving me a wink and a nod saying in a simple way “I got ya girl!”

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Life with Dex…


Tau has had her Dexcom for a few months now and it has been an absolute blessing! I don’t worry that she will go dangerously low at night as often. It has a built in alarm that warns me when she gets too low. I have set alarms for when she is too high so I can correct her and avoid DKA and long term organ damage. I can also see her levels on my iPhone and then share that with others like Alpha and other caregivers.


Within the first 8 weeks of having her Dexcom her A1C went down from 7.9% to 7.2% Score! For her age group they want her below 8.5% but that seems too high IMO.


Our next step is an insulin pump. I will be able to give her insulin down to 0.01 units and not have to inject her every time. The site will have to be changed every 3 days but that is still a lot better than getting 4+ injections a day!

I decided on the Animas Vibe for several reasons: 1) it is accepted by both our insurance companies 2) it is approved for children 2y and older 3) it is waterproof so she can take it in the pool without having to detach and miss meds 4) it syncs with her Dexcom 5) BONUS! it comes in pretty color options 🙂


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Product Reviews…

I am NOT getting any kind of compensations to review these items! I just like helping people make informed decisions 😉

A few months ago we bought this new bunk bed. Having lived with it for a little while now I can safely say that I love it! The kids can easily manage the stairs to have parties on the top bunk. All the drawers slide out easily, even the ones on the carpet! And I love the little cubby-like shelves built into the side of the stairs. I would absolutely buy from this company again!

Next up… the Squatty  Potty! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but hang in there. I actually notice a difference! It is more comfortable to go and my kids can easily and confidently use the potty by themselves. And on a very personal note- after each birth I have had a lot of pain from hemorrhoids. Within three days of using the Squatty potty they stopped bothering me. That alone makes it worth its weight in gold!!! I got the 7″ but kinda wish I had gotten the 9″ now. Apparently I underestimated my squatting prowess! I bought ours off of Amazon because I intended to get every bit of use out of our free Prime shipping!

Lastly, my new friend Loopy! I have three kids so I never have a free hand. Having my phone on a Loopy is awesome! I can easily carry my phone and keys and coffee in one hand when we are out the door. I can reach the entire screen with my thumb without dropping the phone now. I can pick up my phone with my TOES when I am trapped under a baby and can’t reach it with my arm! Yes, I realize that is a weird scenario but it has happened once or twice at bedtime. Now I just need a Loopy for the Roku! I also paid a little extra for the tempered glass ($12). It is already chipped which is a lot better than my iPhone screen being chipped! So worth $12!

What products are you loving lately?!

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Just Your Average PP Belly…

I’m at two months out and we are all totally in love with this new little boy!

I am not in love with the belly situation however.

Here is one month postpartum (pp)..



And here’s two months out…


While I don’t love being this jiggly I also don’t really care when I consider things in the “grand scheme”

I can already hear my beloved midwife saying YOU JUST HAD A BABY! 9 MONTHS ON, 9 MONTHS OFF! This time around I will take her advice and not worry about it. I’m sure I will get back to my old size by running around after these crazy angels all day!

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I’m Still Here…

Life with a new baby…

Need I say more!

I will be back soon; I just need to get him to nap on something other than me!

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Welcome baby Omega! ❤



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