Another blow…

Watching Pocahontas in the hospital

Watching Pocahontas in the hospital

I am starting to feel like I am drowning in diabetes!

In 2011 Alpha was diagnosed with T1DM. That sucked to say the least. At the time we were trying to get pregnant and instead found out I had a cyst on my plumbing. So while Alpha was literally sitting in the ER, I was having my goods ripped apart. Worst Labor Day weekend EVER! We just kept moving and two months later we were pregnant! Fast forward three years and two babies later… Tau has been showing signs of diabetes. Am I paranoid? You bet! Am I terrified of being right? More than anything else in the world! But I couldn’t ignore the red flags. Last Wednesday, I took her to the Drs. to voice my concerns. We almost never need to go to the Drs. so she was very surprised to see us! We talked, she examined and we agreed a quick glucose reading wouldn’t hurt. In the previous 90 mins Tau had eaten a banana. That’s it. No big deal… except her sugar was 525! Normal readings are ~70-120. Our Dr. called the pediatric ER to tell them we were coming in for evaluation. After a very stressful PICU stay and another night in pediatrics (two stories in and of themselves…) we came home.

So now, here we are. Tau is doing better but we are still trying to control her sugar levels. The next few months are going to be trail and error adjusting and readjusting her insulin to carb ratio. In just a few days and despite being upset she has already started offering a finger for me to test. No progress on receiving her injections. That will probably take months though… poor baby 😦

Naturally, the majority of her care is on me since I stay home with the kids. I am terrified of screwing up. If I miss calculate something or mix up her meds I could kill my beautiful girl! That’s a lot of stress on a person. I’m trying to appear calm for her sake though. If I show stress or uncertainty it will only worsen the situation. We are doing our best to get back to our routine so she can feel some sense of normality has returned. In the mean time, I’m just going to hide my nerves and fake it ’til I make it!


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5 Responses to Another blow…

  1. Taunt S says:

    There can be no testimony without a test!

    You are educated, equipped and able! Its a scary transition for everyone, but you are already making progress and getting better! Be grateful you are able to be home with her and make sure she gets the best care! You will all get through this and be stronger in the other side! Love you! ♡♡♡


  2. Cheryl says:

    I think the best way to approach diabetes or any other life long illness is “do not make the illness bigger than the child.” She is not Tau with diabetes. Do not label her. She is Tau a beautiful child with big brown eyes that you can’t help but notice. She is tall for her age. She is mild mannered. She has a beautiful little brother and she is so kind and gentle with him and unless you need to reveal it ” oh and she happens to have diabetes”


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