Our Night in Pediatrics…

Our night in pediatrics started out much better than our night in the PICU. And then we got a roommate.

We left PICU mid morning and went to a new room in pediatrics down the hall. Tau was improving fast and we were eternally thankful! All went well for the day.

We were told that because Tau had a cough (just a run of the mill chest cold) that she had to be on droplet precaution. That just boils down to nurses and Drs. had to wear gowns and masks and she got her own room. Around 11pm we were informed that she would have a roommate. Apparently, the rest of the ward was full and we had to bunk up. Alpha asked them what happened to the droplet precautions? Oh, no worries this beautiful baby girl has a lung infection too! Um, wtf?! I don’t want these babies trading illnesses! I am first and foremost concerned for my kids but also for their baby too.

Her roommate arrived around 12:30am. She had some kind of viral lung infection and it was putting her through the wringer. We could her her nebulizer going all night. We prayed for her too. And I loaded my kids up with Thieves oil!

This is the point where Alpha started to lose his shit. High stress and no sleep are a bad combo and this was the last straw for him. Here is where I fell asleep with Zeta on the sleeper. Alpha narrated to me what happened that night…

Alpha asked the nurses why she had a roommate when she is on droplet precaution. She said that their Drs. and infectious disease said there was minimal risk having them in the same room and to follow protocol. Alpha was referred to the nurse shift supervisor when he said that this was unacceptable. After this nurse repeated the same he was referred to the on call Dr. She gave Alpha a print out of policy for double rooming droplet precautions. Alpha read the policy and immediately found that they were not following their own rules. The cribs needed to be separated by at least one curtain and should be a minimum distance of 3 feet apart. They had two curtains but their cribs were about 1 foot apart. When Alpha told the on call Dr. that the cribs were too close together he was brushed off and dismissed.  Alpha spent the rest of the night standing with Tau comforting her when needed and covering her mouth while she coughed.

The next morning the new floor Dr. talked to Alpha about his concerns. When Alpha pointed out the crib issues his response was literally “Yeah, sooo…” and told him he was over-reacting! It didn’t help that half the floor was under construction so they were already short on beds. Alpha took a nap at this point and I took over. While he was sleeping a different Dr. came in to apologize for all the drama (sound familiar?) and say that the girls were safe rooming together. Yeah, sure… >:-o

At that point we stopped fighting because any potential damage was done and we were going to be discharged in a few hours anyway.

I am grateful that they helped heal my daughter. I am grateful for the nurses who agreed with us and fought to keep her isolated on droplet precaution. I’m also disappointed.  I wish we had been treated better and not just brushed off as over-reacting. Alpha and I decided we will be transferring her clinical care to a different facility.



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