Sure, Why Not?

I am a writer. Thats hard for me to admit. I didnt realize it until about 5 years ago and then tried to deny it for about 4 years after that. There’s nothing wrong with being a writer but I have always identified more with my black & white, cut & dry, science-loving, number-crunching side. I’m also an avid reader. Books, articles, blog posts… you name it, I read it. The last few years have been more on the blog post/articles side because with 2 babies in two years life is too unpredictable for books.

Lately life has dealt my family a few blows and many changes so I needed an outlet to vent. After several family members suggested a blog I figured why the heck not? Even if it only serves as an online journal so be it. So here goes…


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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