Tough day…

Today was a really difficult day! We were starting to get Tau’s numbers under control and then today was crap. I don’t know why today was different than the past week but her lowest reading was 200 and it was before breakfast aka overnight fasting! WTF?! I’m trying really hard not to take this as a failure but it’s damn near impossible. I weigh or measure all her food. I check her blood sugar before every meal. I give her shots at least 4x a day while she cries in my arms. How can I not take it personally? I wish I could swap pancreases with her and make it all better. The only relief today was that her ketones stayed low. If those get too high we get another tour of the emergency room. No thanks.

At least I had a chance to make a new recipe today:-)  I am bringing cranberry Christmas cake to an after party of sorts. Every year several of the churches in Alpha’s hometown come together for a Christmas carol and ecumenical service. Ours is a beautiful celebration and heartwarming gathering for all followers of Christ! Last year we had a great time singing and an awesome meal afterwards! Our church is hosting this year so I’m even more excited than usual. Coffee and desserts will follow so I’m hoping my cake will be a big hit. I’m planning to glaze it with orange cinnamon glaze made using my beloved YL oils. If it’s a hit I’ll post the recipe here! If it’s a flop I will disavow any knowledge of the dish 😉

Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day.


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2 Responses to Tough day…

  1. Cheryl says:

    Is she still nursing occasionally? If you need to get away call and come over and visit. It’s a change of scenery and the kids can see our enormous tree. Let me know


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