Leaving the Hospital…

As if we needed more drama…

They discharged Tau after lunch! Hooray! We loaded up all our stuff and headed for the pharmacy. The only dilemma AT the pharmacy was that they were low on her ketone test strips. They gave me the last of their supply and said we could come back on Monday for what they owed us. No big deal; we had enough to cover us until then.

Once we got home I started putting her stuff away and making sense of our new gear. And then I noticed something very crucial was missing… they never gave us her INSULIN! *@%$##^@$$#!!!! WTF, RUKM?!?! Apparently, the pharmacist was so distracted trying to find us more test trips that she never took the insulin out of the fridge and put it into our bag! At this point I’m banging my head on the wall X-O   I had them transfer her Rx to our local pharmacy and prayed nothing else would go wrong. Yeah, I was wrong. On top of all this, one of her glucose readers had a recall on it and her ketone monitor won’t operate without a control test first. And they didn’t include control test solution in her kit. Banging. head. on. wall. Stuff like this makes me so thankful I had my babies at home!

We are now home and settled in trying to find normal again…

Many of the hospital staff were great! Some sucked really hard. And quite a few were flat out assholes. I’m still thankful for them though. My daughter is getting better and they all helped. That being said, Alpha and I agree that we will try to move her care to a new establishment.

Read the whole story here and here


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