Adventures in ‘poo free..

For many years now I have been slowly moving our family away from chemicals. I am especially bothered by nasty chemicals that go into and onto our bodies. I have switched to a natural deodorant, an awesome soap (below), and fluoride free toothpaste. (I’m planning to make my own toothpaste soon, so look for that post…) The problem is shampoo. I have curly, very oily hair. I stopped using conditioner a long time ago because it was too heavy for my curls and they just hung down all limp and sad. Then I switched from run of the mill, icky chemical shampoo to natural shampoo bars. I never really felt like they cleaned my hair though. My hair still felt dirty and oily after washing and they seemed to leave a residue on my hairs. I know that the natural shampoo bars are supposed to leave some of your hair’s natural oil but this was a white filmy residue. I tried three different kinds and never really got the results I wanted. Although my curls looked awesome!

All total I was poo free for about 6 months. After Zeta came along I finally gave up and started using Alpha’s dandruff shampoo. My hair felt clean but my curls were sad again. I am going to continue my quest but for right now I’m on hiatus. 

Comment if you have any ideas for me! The only thing I’m not willing to do is use straight up baking soda. I cant figure out how I could use it in the shower without making a huge mess. I would prefer to make my own shampoo for budget reasons. Why is it the less ingredients you want in something, the more it costs?!

Right now I’m loving this soap for my body and face! I’m thinking of trying their Orange Blossom Honey S&C…



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One Response to Adventures in ‘poo free..

  1. Kivy says:

    I tried no-poo, but our water is just too hard for that to work: horrible, waxy buildup that just got worse and worse. Here is what I do now:
    I have 2 squirt bottles, one that has about 1 part this to 5-6 parts water, and then I just apply it to my roots. After rinsing, I also do a quick ACV rinse: 1 part ACV, 7 parts green tea, a few drops essential oil for odor. It isn’t perfect, but it is WAY better than no-poo for me.


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