Goodbye 2014…

Dear 2014,

I feel like we have just gotten comfortable with each other, and now it’s time to go. You were a year that started with great ups and finished with many downs, but still managed to be pretty good overall. Let’s recap some of the highlights:

January- Alpha started his last year of college

February- Watching our love grow day by day!

Baby bump!

Baby bump!

March- Happy birthday memere!

April- Welcome to the world baby Zeta!!!

Another awesome home birth!

Another awesome home birth!

May- Happy 30th birthday Papa!


June- Papa hospitalized with spinal meningitis. Memeres wedding!


Nap time

July- Grampa’s 60th birthday!

sibling love!

sibling love!

August- Happy birthdays mama and Tau!


September- Zeta baptized 😀


October- Mama and papa received into our beloved church! Amen!


November-Tau diagnosed with T1DM. Read more about that here

Watching Pocahontas in the hospital

Watching Pocahontas in the hospital

December- A zit on my tit… I’ll spare you the pic 😦

Many terrible things happened this year, but I am choosing to cherish the good times! I will always remember 2014 as the year my beautiful son was born ❤️ I can’t think of anything more wonderful than accepting a new gift from God into our hearts!

Happy New Year!!!!!!


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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