We don’t “do” Santa…

Nope. You read that correctly. We have two small children (so far 😀 ) and we do not “do” Santa Clause.  Go ahead and hate me, I don’t care if you do. Feel free to send me hateful comments; I’ll just delete them and pray for you.

We decided that in our family, Christmas is about Jesus. Alpha and I spent roughly the first thirty years of our lives not embracing Jesus and we hope to save our kids some time.

Tau knows who Santa Clause is because come November his image is everywhere and ignoring him is impossible. If you ask her, “What does Santa say?” she will reply, “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” So far we have told her the truth in a way that a two year old can comprehend- Santa is just pretend, like the cartoons on TV.  As she gets older we plan to explain the history of SC more. We DO make it a point to tell her some kids pretend he’s real so don’t spoil the fun. She’s not around a ton of kids right now so it’s not really an issue. When we are in mixed company, it’s usually with folks who know we don’t do SC so they don’t bring it up. “Crisis” avoided.

We also don’t do the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, boogey man, elf on the shelf, or any other character that is typically employed to produce good behavior in kids. And no, we don’t think this is denying our kids a magical childhood because we believe childhood is inherently magical! We believe in NOT lying to our kids. It doesn’t make sense to lie to kids their whole childhoods about these characters and then insist that you are telling them the truth about Jesus.

Helping our children accept Jesus into their hearts is more important than 8-10 years of “Be a good girl/boy or Santa won’t bring you any presents!”


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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