Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes…

Makeshift cupcake pedestal!

Makeshift cupcake pedestal!

This recipe came about as a happy accident!

Mom and I were making chocolate cupcakes one day and realized we were completely out of eggs. Crap! I forget why now, but going to the store was not an option so we turned to Pinterest for help. Apparently, you can substitute 3 Tbs of peanut butter for an egg… who knew?! Chocolate cupcakes + peanut butter= Get in my mouth!   😀

We used a box cake mix, any brand you want. Here’s what we did:

1 Box of chocolate cake mix. Ours called for 1C water, 1/2C oil, 3 eggs. I substituted 1/2C coconut oil, 1/2C plus 1Tbs peanut butter (any kind), and 1C water mix with 1 Tbs of instant coffee powder. You don’t need coffee powder, but coffee and chocolate are lovers that should never part. I promise you can barely taste the coffee but you will miss it if it’s not there. Does that make any sense? Just trust me on this!  Also, I melt the coconut oil and peanut butter so it mixes in easier. 45 seconds in the microwave and you’re golden.

Melt it all, mix it all, but don’t over mix or your cakes will be tough, yuck. The batter will be thick! Bake according to the box suggestion for cupcakes. My box said 350 for 20 mins. I get 12 cupcakes per batch. Cool in the pan for at least 5 mins… aka you will burn your fingers and roof of mouth if you eat them sooner! It’s your call, but I warned you…

I used chunky peanut butter!

I used chunky peanut butter!

I don’t frost these for two reasons: 1) they don’t need frosting 2) the top is not smooth and very tender so frosting them would be a nightmare. Try them naked first and make up your own mind!


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