Waiting to be sick enough…

In June of 2011 I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Basically, my body is slowly destroying my thyroid. I say finally diagnosed because I knew I was sick for about 5 years before they found it. I even told the Drs it was a thyroid problem based on my symptoms and family history and they still ignored me because all my lab results for thyroid were “within normal range.” Over those 5 years I went to 2 primary care Drs., an allergists, an endocrinologist, and a sleep specialist. I gave up trying when the last Dr. told me I was just obese and depressed, and that all of my symptoms were in my head. He said I needed depression medication and I would be fine. Seriously!? So I gave up trying. I was depressed at that point because I knew I was sick and no one would listen to me!

That was the same year we decided to try for a baby. And no surprise, I couldn’t get pregnant. I was too sick. I was under 30 so we had to try for a year before they would run tests/assist. My fertility specialist ran some tests. He said my levels were on the high end of normal so he would run this one other test on the blood sample they had already taken. The test came back with some crazy numbers. Normal levels should be less than 20… mine was 320! A quick trip to the pharmacy and a few months later we were expecting Tau! Hallelujah!

A year after Tau’s birth I had lost all the baby weight (about 30-35 lbs) plus another 20lbs! I finally felt healthy! The extra weight was coming off, my hair stopped falling out (not including postpartum hair loss), my skin didn’t burn in the cold months, my tongue never swelled up anymore, I had a normal cycle and I was ecstatic! We even got pregnant with Zeta without assistance!

Fast forward to Fall of 2014. All this time my Rx was from the fertility Dr. that helped us in 2011. Since I hadn’t seen him in years my Rx expired. Fair enough- I should find an endocrinologist anyway. Between then and my December endo appointment my hair started to fall out again. And then my skin started burning in the cold weather. Pound by pound the weight started coming back.

My latest labs are all within normal range except for the antibody titer. That was over 400 this time! My new Dr. is very nice but says his hands are tied… he can’t justify a case to medicate with labs within normal range. Where have I heard this before? So now I have to wait. I have to wait to get sick enough to medicate. In the mean time I have to watch my body suffer and get sick all over again and it is truly heartbreaking.

These are my numbers from last month:

12/11/2014 TSH, Serum Tsh: 2.240 mciu/mL Final
Note: Final
12/11/2014 T3, Total, Serum Total T3: 0.89 NG/mL Final
Note: Final
12/11/2014 T4, Free, Serum Free T4: 1.05 NG/dL Final
Note: Final
12/11/2014 Thyroglobulin Ab, Serum High Thyroglobulin Ab: 4.7 IU/mL Final
Note: Final
12/11/2014 Thyroid Peroxidase (Tpo) Ab, Serum High Microsomal Ab, Thyroid Peroxid: 420 IU/mL Final

I have to go retest this month.


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