Dueling Doctors…


This past week I had a yearly physical. Nothing special really; I’m in pretty good health!

The issue of my thyroid troubles obviously came up over the course of my visit. (Catch up on that drama here.) She pulled the files that they had sent over to her for a quick review and decides that my endo was wrong- I do still need to be on medication.

AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGG….. Seriously?! Make up my mind! I’m happy she agrees with me but still frustrated! How can two trained, licensed doctors look at the exact same results and make opposite conclusions? Are we just supposed to shop around for Drs until we find one who will agree with us?

Regardless, I’m going to start back on my medication but continue to drink my thyroid tea and stay gluten free. She agreed with my action plan and gave me some great tips on finding hidden gluten… more on that later!

We will monitor my thyroid levels for the next few months and see if my condition improves. Fingers crossed…


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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