Gluten Free update…


So here is how my first week went going GF…

Day 1- breakfast was scrambled eggs, a banana, tea and a sample packet of Ningxia I had leftover from my premium starter kit. Lunch was apple slices, kiwi, salami and cheese, cucumber slices and more tea. Dinner was rice, green beans, and seasoned ground beef (leftover from meat sauce).

Day 2- breakfast was scrambled eggs, banana, and tea again. Lunch was apple slices, carrots, salami and cheese, cucumber slices with tzatziki dip and more tea. Dinner was steak, green beans, peas. There may have also been some rotisserie chicken and mango ice cream before bed 😉

Day 3- gf waffles before church. Snack was cheese and salami with tea at fellowship. Mini lunch was a ham and cheese roll up and some thyroid herbal tea. Sunday dinner was pot roast with veggies! The rest of the night was gf pick items while we watched the football game.

Day 4- a big breakfast of udi’s gf bread, bacon and farm fresh eggs bought from a friend! Washed it down with thyroid tea. Dinner was at a new Chinese restaurant in town – I had chicken and veggie hibachi. So good!

Day 5-gf waffle with eggs and bacon plus tea. Lunch was a quick ham sandwich on gf bread with an apple. Dinner was gf cinnamon apple rice chez with almond milk and a banana before meeting some friends for coffee and bible talk 🙂

Day 6- used up the last of the farm fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lunch was sandwich but with a banana. I had a late dinner of rice after bible study before racing to get the kiddos to bed.

Day 7- Hooray! A week of GF!!! Breakfast was corn chex with almond milk. Lunch was an epic salad with cheese and pepperoni! Dinner was chicken, fries, and mixed veggies aka I didn’t feel like cooking.

Dinner is probably the hardest part of the day for me. I have to feed Zeta and Tau around 5 so her sugar doesn’t nosedive, then feed the adults something, and then myself something if the adult meal isn’t GF.

And yes, I know I drink A LOT of tea but some of it is decaf and it is better than juice or plain water. Also, sometimes it will take me 2-3 hours to drink one cup due to the kids needs/wants.  I have thought about going to green tea but I want to ease into all the current changes before making more. Plus I didn’t note the plain water I drink during the day.

By day 3 I noticed my intense sugar cravings had gone down by about 85% and I had lost 2 lbs. By day 4 I had lost a total of 4 lbs. I also noticed that I wasn’t hungry in between meals and didn’t feel the need to snack. All around very good results after just one week!

On day 5 I had my annual physical. My PCP disagreed with my endocrinologist and renewed my Rx thyroid meds and suggested I continue with the gf diet. So I started back on my Rx but I will continue to do everything I’ve been doing this past week.

I don’t mind eating the same things day after day for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is where we like our variety. I would love to hear your GF recipes!!!


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