Potluck vote…

Our church’s annual meeting is coming up this Sunday! This is the yearly meeting that presents the financial information for the previous calendar year- so budget and expenses. Members have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to the vestry. In order to get people to attend this meeting there is a potluck lunch after the meeting concludes AKA the food is held hostage until the meeting is over! Otherwise people would eat and leave never knowing how their generous tithing dollars are being spent. You know how I LUV a good potluck! 8-D  so I want your opinion on what I should bring! I want to bring something GF to make sure I have something to eat. Here are my contenders from Pinterest: LOADED-BAKED-POTATO-CASSEROLE-from-Rachel-Schultz-4 Loaded baked potatoes in crockpot 39bbe07086908f08d23f8805fd3d25e9 Chickn shrimp gumbo in crockpot 07681f52af95a8630f50a870f1c64b7b717e144f Mini quiche 14052340182_826a37eaae_c Creamy pea salad with bacon Which of those would you like to eat most? Comment your vote!


I decided to go with the loaded potatoes! I made mashed instead of chunks. They were a huge hit! I came home with an empty crock pot!!!


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One Response to Potluck vote…

  1. Erica says:

    mmmm.. loaded crockpot taters, pea salad’s a close second tho


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