Gluten free Super Bowl food…


One of the biggest pig out days of the year is quickly approaching folks. No, not Thanksgiving… SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! While I am super excited that my home team is in the SB again, I really only care about the commercials and epic food! And I don’t plan on missing out on anything just because I’ve gone GF! Here is a list on yummies I’m planning to make for the big day. I don’t think I’ll make them all but I am sure gonna try 😀

Chicken things- not quite nuggets but not wings either. These lovelies are dredged in cornstarch for a super crispy crunch!
Corn chips and salsa
Fruit and veg platter
Cheese and pepperoni on gf crackers
taco dip
potato skins
mozzarella sticks
meatballs- not sure if they will be italian, swedish, or maybe asian flavored.
cheese stuffed mushrooms
gf pretzels bites- this will be an experiment of sorts. I have a recipe that uses AP flour so I might try subbing in GF flour.


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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