Diabetes Update…

Today made 2 months since Tau’s T1DM diagnosis. We “celebrated” with a visit to the pediatric diabetes clinic. When she was diagnosed her A1C was 9.3%. Normal A1C for an adult is 4.5-6% and for a child in her age group is less than 8.5%.  Today her reading was 7.5% I was super happy about this but the Drs said this was a bit on the low side for a child her age. Of course it was because it is too difficult to have something be solely good *sigh*   You can read the whole story thus far here, here and here!

Overall, I’m still pleased. I’m going to focus on the good and work on the not so good. Silver lining right?

And on our way home we stopped at the college to pick up Alpha’s cap & gown!!! So very proud of that man!


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Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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