Graduation party…

Its finally over! He did it! We all survived mostly intact! Congrats to Alpha for graduating with his bachelors degree in criminal justice! We are all so proud of him, so much in fact that I insisted on giving him a party!

This was the game plan:
Venue- we currently have several FEET of snow on the ground so I decided to have the party at the bowling alley in town. Plenty of parking, something fun to do plus an arcade for the guests.

Food- I ordered 2 party pizzas from the shop right down the road because they were close and delicious! Besides the pizza everything else was gluten free: cookies, fudge brownies, vanilla bean cupcakes, corn chips & salsa, antipasto salad, cheese & gif crackers, sugar free soda and seltzer. Recipes coming soon!

Guests- many people couldn’t make it either due to illness or the obscene amount of snow. Even without them we still had a crowd of about 30+ people! I have a big family and he has a lot of friends! So blessed 😀

The party was a great success! Lots of laughs, lots of gutter balls and awesome food! Here are a few pictures of the fun…

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3-3 photo 2-7 photo 1-7


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