Starting Plants Inside…

I had a great idea recently and I wanted to share it with all of you!

I stemmed from a problem- my lovely organic garlic had sprouted 😦   I was sad but saw an opportunity to try my hand at growing some at home. I got some potting soil and looked around for a container. I will be the first person to admit that I’m frugal and I also hate to throw items away that could be recycled/up-cyled. That’s when it hit me.. My mom had bought some lovely, gluteny cinnamon rolls (that I couldn’t eat but secretly smelled daily) and the plastic container was almost empty. I cleaned out the tray, threw in the dirt and my garlic and hoped for the best. The seedling trays at Walmart were ~$5. This tray was ~$4 AND came with cinnamon rolls! You decide what route you want to take 😉

The results (so far)…

I also found an ambitious radish in the fridge so I put him in too!

I also found an ambitious radish in the fridge so I put him in too!

photo 3-4


photo 1-8

Going strong! The sprouts are getting taller and when I look underneath I can see roots! They have only been in there a few days and have roots!!!!!!! Amazing 😀   The container is perfect because it acts like a mini terrarium and waters itself aka I can’t possibly over water my lovely seedlings. I will have to transplant a few soon though because they are already getting too tall and hitting the lid. Maybe I can get creative with some 2 liter bottles?! I plan to try the same approach with some organic heirloom cucumber seeds I bought. I’ll need another tray… pastry anyone???


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