So Last Night in the ER…

Yup- emergency room again last night. Five hours in the ER because poor Tau has a stomach bug. Yes, a stomach bug. No, we are not over reacting. With diabetes nothing is “just a (insert ailment)”  Here’s what happened…

Yesterday morning Tau woke up at her normal time but was super grumpy and emotional. Within three hours she was asking for a nap, about 2 hours earlier than usual. Suspicious but I thought maybe she didn’t sleep as well as I thought. She took a two hour nap before she woke up vomiting. I thought maybe she was overheated (because she was playing with the thermostat again ggrrr) so I washed all the bedding and clothes, got her cleaned up and cuddled her. More puke. Okay, maybe a stomach bug, no big deal. Push fluids, rest and my beloved thieves oil!

By 7pm she had slept another 1-2 hours and still didn’t want to eat or drink much. In spite of vomiting, her numbers had been okay all day but now she needed to eat before she got too low. We got her to drink and eat a little so I decided to check her ketones. 3.7! F*CK! F$CK F@CK F!CK  Normal is less than 0.6 and anything above 1.5 with a toddler is go to the hospital. [0.6-1.5 is monitor closely btw]

I had to call Alpha home from work because he had my car and car seats while his car is in the shop with a dead transmission. We waited about 2 hours until she was treated. This time around the nurse actually remembered us 0_O  and didn’t argue with me to give her boob while it took THREE tries to get an IV line on that very dehydrated baby girl.

Her blood work came back very promising- dehydrated, but she wasn’t DKA so we could do a bag of fluids and go home once she was able to keep liquids down. They wrote us a script for Zofran to help with nausea and keeping fluids/food down.

By 3am we were back home with two very tired babies! We did more thieves and some cedarwood and everybody collapsed into bed.

This morning Tau woke up right as rain as if yesterday never happened. My kids will never cease to amaze me! They are miracles from God, sent here to teach me so many things! Praise God from whom all blessings flow… ❤   And speaking of blessings, Alpha’s mom sat with us in the ER for 4 hours despite having a train wreck of a day herself and needing to be at work at 7:30am! God Bless Family!!! Thank you to all!


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