Third Week of Lent…

How are you doing? Hanging in there?  I am! 😀  Okay, here we go….

Monday (2nd)- Love makes room for others.

Tuesday (3rd)- Love increases as we give it away.

Wednesday (4th)- Love is meant to be shared.

Thursday (5th)- Remember me according to your love. -> Do a better job of remembering other people through a filter of love.

Friday (6th)- God loves us yesterday, today and tomorrow, but today is the day to celebrate and appreciate.

Saturday (7th)- Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. -> Love isn’t abstract. The love that “builds up” is concrete and individual. It’s about knowing individual people by name and caring about the specifics of their lives. Each of us has a calling to build up other people with love that is concrete and personal.


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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