Third Week of Lent…

The past few days have been very draining! I’m so glad I get a daily dose of faith and inspiration when things get tough!

Monday (9th)- Safety is not a value of the gospel. Moving forward is. And that can be an awfully lonely thing to do. Clinging makes it impossible.

Tuesday (10th)- It’s not that you don’t have fun when you’re not invited; it’s that no one pays attention to you. It’s hard to share good news if no one is paying attention.

Wednesday (11th)- We are not the body of Christ because we agree; we are the body of Christ because we care about each other.

Thursday (12th)- God gives me the power to do the work!

Friday (13th)- Jesus reminds us that the ways of God often differ from ours.

Saturday (14th)- Jesus tells us to walk while we have the light so we will know where we are going. How brightly light shines in such darkness. How brightly the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus shine to guide us. Believe in them. Believe in the light!


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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