I realized something about myself yesterday: I really like/need boundaries. Most of them are self imposed and some of them are quite superfluous but I feel like I need defined limits for myself. Here are some of my boundaries:

I don’t hug men (besides my husband, father, and son)

I don’t hug women outside of family

I don’t let my Pinterest account have more than 500 pins total and 100 likes

I keep my Facebook friends under 150 people

I keep less than 20 emails in my inbox

I prefer sectioned off plates

I limit the number of blogs I routinely read

and so on….

I’m not sure why I like boundaries and even why I know I need them in my life. Do some of them keep me safe? Do they keep me sane? Why do I feel like I NEED them? Does keeping my attention focused allow me to always reevaluate my priorities? Or does it keep me in my cozy little comfort zone? Hhhmmmmm…..

Do you have many boundaries? Where do you draw the line?


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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