Our Easter…

We decided that in our family Easter is about Jesus, not candy or bunnies. Our Easter included candy and chocolate bunnies but the focus was on Jesus.

photo 1-9

Our day kicked off attending a beautiful church service! I didn’t hear most of it because that is just the reality of 2 under 3 in church haha. The kids had an indoor egg hunt since there is snow and mud everywhere and we all enjoyed some goodies.

photo 2-9

At home, Zeta finished a nice nap in his car seat and Tau enjoyed watching her new DVD. I purposely didn’t put the gifts out until after church because I didn’t want her to spend the entire service asking when we were going home to play with them.

Tau and Zeta each got a chocolate bunny. Zeta got a baby toothbrush and paste to care for his first two teeth that appeared recently. Tau got a DVD, bible stories book, and a bike and helmet. The bike is a very extravagant gift that we had bought for her birthday but it occurred to me that if we waited to gift it on her birthday, she would miss all the nice weather to ride it in by the end of August. Hopefully she is too young to think she will get a lavish Easter gift every year! Mama got peeps and an Almond Joy in our basket because both are gluten free!!!

photo 3-5

We had our own egg hunt at the house before a delicious ham dinner! It was a great day 🙂  I only wish Alpha did not have to work… maybe next year!


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Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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