The Deck…

Alpha and I decided to splurge on the deck furniture because we bought the house at the beginning of summer. We wanted to be able to enjoy the area to the fullest all season long 😀

I went with resin wicker seats because they are durable and easy to clean. I found these on

photo 1 photo 2

We love them so far! Alpha only has two complaints: the loveseat didn’t come with assembly instructions (we found them online) and it seems that the cushions are NOT made for outdoors. Big bummer!

This is the outdoor rug I also found on but the seller was actually

photo 3

The rug is gorgeous but in the online photo it looks like it has light green strips of color but in person it does not 😦  Still super happy and would buy it again.

We also got some herbs and hanging plants to green things up a bit. The water table was a gift from my mom to the babies last year (TrU).

I still want to put a few drink tables and such out there but haven’t found ones I love (that don’t cost a fortune!)

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 3 photo 4-1

Price Breakdown:

Rug $124
Loveseat $157
Chair $111
Herbs ~$10
Pots ~$12
Hanging flowers $15 Home Depot, the other was a gift
Shepherd Hook $8

I budgeted $500 for everything and then reality hit lol. I still have ~$60 for things but I think we will wait until the end of season to get the last items discounted and use them next year. I still want a large side table between the seats and a sideboard table to use a server for food and bev. We don’t grill often and that’s a lot of room to give up for a traditional grill. If we get a grill it will be a camping style tabletop one.

Maybe I’ll use that $60 to get this awesome solar powered LED rope light to put under the railing???


Do you have a deck? What is mine missing?


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