Black Beauty…

About 1.2 days after we moved into our new home I realized the problem. Simply put, we are too tall for our fridge! This is the fridge that came with the house

photo 2 No bueno.

We decided to live in the space a bit before deciding on any interior changes besides paint. So we lived here a few weeks. In the end we still hated the fridge! Here are my list of offenses:
1. It was too short for me. I literally had to sit on the floor to organize the contents.
2. The freezer was tiny. We freeze A LOT of food so this was a problem too.
3. Despite changing the setting repeatedly the fridge portion was still freezing my fresh produce, even on the lowest setting. We had to trash a lot of food and one of my biggest pet peeves is WASTING anything!>:-O

We decided that while replacing the fridge would be expensive it would greatly improve the functionality in the kitchen for me and not freeze our fresh produce. And we had the extra money in savings!

Without further ado here is Black Beauty!!!


She is a Kenmore 25 cu. ft. side by side goddess. Originally priced at $1300 we found her on sale for $800. Delivery was free and they could bring her in a week! Including tax she was $850. Worth every penny!!!


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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