Dear SallieMae…

Last week was my birthday and our seventh wedding anniversary! We set goals as a couple so every year we evaluate our progress. Here is 2015’s financial evaluation…

On our wedding day we were $60K in debt, most of it being my student loans and his car. (Our modest wedding was paid in full in cash by our parents and us so that was not a significant contributor to our debt.) 7 years later we made the last mega payment on my loans and have officially PAID OFF $60K of debt! I am so overjoyed that we accomplished this feat! During those seven years we also paid $12K in cash for two babies to be born at home, $5K in diabetes related medical bills, and $2K for a new (to us) car. I have also not had an income for 3 of the last seven years. While I was working, we never made more than $55K combined as entry-level workers, students, and part time employees.

In total that’s $79,000 paid out in seven years on mostly very little income. I’m not trying to brag but rather inspire you that it IS possible to move financial mountains. In case you are wondering if we are completely out of debt the answer is a definite no. During those same years we took on another $11K in his student loans, $4K in medical bills and our first mortgage. I know that we will pay these debts off too because we are committed to being debt free someday in the near future!

Have faith and discipline and you can come walk on our path! I assure you it’s a great walk with amazing views ❤


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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