Fall in Love with Fall…

We have “fall”en into autumn again, my absolute favorite time of year! My reasons are pretty much the same as everyone…

pumpkins and squash
soups and stews
gorgeous leaves
hot cider
cheap school supplies (…are an addiction of mine)
corn mazes
hay rides
yada yada yada

But fall is also a time of great preparation for me. So without further ado here is my Fall checklist:

House- Does anything need new weatherstripping or caulk? Does the furnace need to be serviced/drained? Did you fill the oil tank yet? Bc remember the year we got 3 feet on snow on Halloween!? Test you smoke and CO detectors. Switch the button on the ceiling fans. Reprogram thermostats. Shut vents in rooms you don’t heat during winter. Are the gutters clear? Do all the exterior lights work? Any paint touch ups needed before your in-laws descended in a few weeks? Get all the pollen and dust off the heaters and blinds. The ceiling fans might be pretty nasty as well.

Outside- Do you know where the snow shovel is? The rake? Are there any tree branches that could fall on your house? Get some dirt and salt. Clean off and store the deck furniture and grill. Empty the planters. Store summer toys like bikes and hula hoops. Swap the inner tube for the sled.

Car- Vacuum and wipe down the car; trust me you will NOT do it in frigid temperatures. Throw in an extra blanket or two. and a new box of tissue bc idk about you but cold air makes my nose run. Put the snow brush scraper thing back in the car assuming you can find it! Check you tire pressure. Do you need a tune up or oil change? Top off your fluids and throw an extra gallon of washer fluid in the trunk. Did you remember to renew the AAA membership?!

Bedrooms- Swap the bedding and curtains. Flip that mattress. Wash & wipe down everything. How are the carpets; do they need to be shampooed?

Clothes- Go through and purge what you can for both summer and winter. These questions may help… Did you even wear that sundress? How many flip flop colors do you really “need?”  Why again do you have 4 bathing suits? Do you seriously need 20 scarves?! Donate those expensive boots that are too small; it will bless someone else. Why do you keep 5+ hoodies when you wear the same one every time? Would I buy this again today?
Remember winter clothes are bulky so only keep what you love and fits well! AFTER you purge decide if there are any gaps in your wardrobe.

Health- Toss out any expired medications (NEVER flush them! trash is fine) What’s missing? Saline nose spray, neti pot, colloidal silver water, epsom salt, puke bucket, extra toothbrushes, tissues, raw honey, cool mist humidifier, heating blanket. We rely on Young Living EO’s so I always have these on hand: THIEVES, rc, raven, eucalyptus, oregano, inner defense capsules, peppermint, lemon, and lavender.

Decor- Pack up all the sunshine and watermelon decorations! Break out the witches, scarecrows, pumpkins, turkeys and cornucopias! While your digging for them find the Xmas/winter stuff and put it close to the storage entry. Why make things harder later right? Make a “mitten basket” at the front door to hold all the hats, scarves and mittens in one place.

Kitchen- Where’s the crock pot!? Wipe down the cabinets. Take inventory of pantry items esp baking needs- they go on sale soon 😉  Clean out the fridge! Vacuum the fridge coils too. Do you need any specific liquors for the holidays? Buying them gradually over the next few weeks will help distribute the expense.

Laundry- Clean out the water filter thingy in the washer as well as the dryer vent.

Random- Did you schedule your hair appointments before thanksgiving and Christmas ? they book up fast! (I’m guilty of forgetting all year!) How about your holiday photos- do you diy it or book a pro? Tickets to holiday shows and whatnot? Airline tickets? Amazon Prime anyone? Did you donate to you alma mater or charity before you’re broke from Xmas shopping? When you do make a folder to collect tax docs in one place bc magnets on the fridge don’t qualify as a safe place!

What did I forget?



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