I needed a break…

The past few months were pretty difficult for me. Our family shared a lovely cough in October. Then really yucky morning sickness set it. Follow that up with more head colds in November and you have a recipe for getting nothing accomplished for about 8 weeks!

I’m hoping that I can rebuild our immune systems fast so we don’t have constant illness in the house for the entire cold/flu season!

The morning sickness has finally started to abate. This time around was the worst I’ve experienced. I never ask for help, ever, and I had to ask our moms to come over on several occasions because I couldn’t even sit up in bed without turning green never mind take care of two active toddlers! I think it was the combination of head cold + post nasal drip + empty belly= very bad news!

I am feeling better now 🙂  I’m not 100% but I can actually function well most of the day! Just in time for Christmas ❤ More on that later…


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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