My Monthly Prenatal Visit…

On Tuesday we all went to my (I forget how many weeks I am #thirdbaby) prenatal visit. Last time she came to us, but since we were in the city anyway we decided to go to her house. Here’s what appointments look like with our midwife…

The whole family arrives in Big Rig, our new to us mini van. Hugs and kisses all around after we knock and come in. We were also greeted by the smell of the chocolate chip cookies she was baking! Papa “sneaks” some before we leave.

Our family all sits at her table to enjoy our burrito lunch we picked up on the way over while we chat about how I’m feeling, concerns, aches/pains, etc. Anything I want to do different for this birth from my last two babies? The usual 🙂

The kids and hubby are done eating so Tau b-lines for the keyboard and our midwife pulls out a big bin of toys for Zeta to play with on the floor. We talk about what blood work I want to get or pass on and where I think I might be deficient (my vit D is chronically low thanks to hypothyroid). She draws my blood while I’m savoring my steak and black bean burrito. I highly recommend burritos as a distraction!

Next up is saying hi to baby! ❤  I move to the living room sofa and we feel for baby and check on heart rate. Everything looks, measures, and feels great! Tau and Papa are still playing on the keyboard. Zeta is pulling ornaments off her Christmas tree X-D

WE decide to skip my next monthly check up and substitute my 20 week fetal survey instead. Unless something comes up I will see her again in February. But she does remind me to call, text, email, stop by if I have any questions/concerns in the mean time. I hate to bother people but agree I will if something comes up. We wrestle coats on the kids and Tau pees one more time before we head to the playground. Hugs and kisses good bye and then we pile back into Big Rig.

We are there for just under 90 mins. About 87 of those minutes are spent face to face talking and laughing! When I was pregnant for Tau we started care with a hospital midwife. They were nice but the vast majority of my time was spent waiting to be seen. On a good visit I saw the midwife for 15 mins. Hospital care does not even come close to the level of care and attention I get through home birth. When was the last time you ate lunch and talked to your OB for 87 minutes and nothing was wrong that would merit such lengthy discussion? Does you OB or hospital midwife come to your house 5 separate times postpartum to check how you and baby are getting on? Mine does!

I’m friends with my midwife on FB. I can reach her 24/7 through a number of methods. She holds or attends play dates of her current or past mamas. I have met and approved of every person on my birth team, including back up midwives if she can’t be there for my birth (unlikely). After Zeta’s birth her team did laundry, dishes, cleaned up and made sure we were settled before going home.

What’s not to love?!



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