Pregnant at Christmas…

So this year I find myself really struggling to “keep it together” emotionally. This time around I am getting very emotional very early on. I am NOT an emotional person. I rarely feel the need to cry. I don’t usually get upset over things. Lately I feel like I could cry at least 5x a day! I did not experience this with either of my first babies so I’m getting frustrated with myself. If you need a chuckle, here are some of the things that have made me glossy eyed lately:

Zeta being an angel in our church nativity- water works

Papa not texting me when he will be home late from work- God help him

Tau giving me bedtime hugs and kisses and saying “You’re  the best mama ever!”- shut the front door

Zeta falling asleep every night holding my hand- I need a tissue

Finding one of my missing platters- is it dusty in here?

Any Xmas song about Jesus- Go help ME!

and on and on and on…

Most of these are tears of joy but I still feel like a big heaping pile of tear soaked emotional wreckage. So if you see me crying please do me a favor and IGNORE ME! I hate to cry and it’s made worse when people acknowledge it try to comfort me. I just end up embarrassed. Please IGNORE ME!


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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