Things NOT to do while pregnant…

Most people know the general “rules” of being pregnant: don’t drink alcohol, quit the cigarettes, take your vitamins, lunch meat and blue cheese are the devil, blah blah blah.

I have some of my own rules to add on to the list. Some are from experience and some are from wise mamas who passed them on to me. Here goes…

  1. Don’t break up with you partner or get a divorce or throw them out of the house. Your very hormonal whether you care to admit it or not! Your non baby brain would probably let his infraction slide or hash out the problem like a grown up. Don’t file for divorce lol!
  2. Don’t cut your hair or go with a new color. Keep your current style and touch up your roots. Now is not the time to see if you would look fab with a lilac ombre perm.
  3. Now is also NOT the time to change your career, so don’t quit your job bc someone ate your lunch at work.
  4. Don’t KonMari your house. Your feelings and emotions are kinda going crazy right now so deciding what sparks joy in your life is probably skewed. Maybe everything is sparking joy, or in my case nothing is. I still really like most of my belongings but to say they give me a feeling of pure joy (when they did pre pregnancy) is way off.
  5. Don’t make a huge lifestyle change. Now is not the time to decide you want to be a farmer. Or a spin fanatic. Or whatever. You get the idea. Unless it’s giving up the booze or smokes just wait a few months.
  6. Don’t get a new pet. Trust me. You will have even more shit to do soon. Adding a pet will not help.

Did I miss any?


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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