Why I Feel Inadequate…

Lately I feel like I can’t measure up to my own standards 😦 I think sleep deprivation has a lot to do with it. I hope! Here are a few of the thoughts running through my mind…

*Why do I keep eating gluten when I know it makes me feel like crap? Am I a gluten addict?! Is it a pregnancy craving? How much damage is this causing my gut? What if I’m destroying my gut lining and can’t absorb the nutrients this little baby needs?!

*Why am I letting the kids watch so much tv? A better mom would shut the tv off regardless of how much sleep she got.

*The kids are just getting to bed NOW?! It’s {insert obscenely late hour} o’clock! Get your shit together woman!

*I’m giving her bologna sandwich for lunch… again. Good job mom. Why do I even buy this crap? Nitrates are going to kill her looong before anything diabetes related and it will be my fault. Bologna is a gateway food and I’m running the gate.

*I didn’t read/study anything even remotely Christian related today. How can I teach Sunday school when I clearly suck at practicing Christianity. I’m a fraud.

*Forgot about the laundry… again. No more excuses! Get it together! What are you going to do when you have 3?!

*Bought meat at the grocery store again. I should be supporting local families and buy our meat from them. Fail.

*and on and on and on….


I seriously need a break from my own brain! Suggestions?



About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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One Response to Why I Feel Inadequate…

  1. Taunt Stephy says:

    You have LOTS of ton to lower your expectations and still be awesome. It’s ok to be human once in a while! 😉
    Love you!

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