Prepping for #3…

Now that we are getting down to the last few months before baby boy arrives I thought I would share some of our prep work.

After almost 2 years I had to kick Zeta out of our bed. Not only is my belly getting bigger, but Z sleeps in and X shape! So that had to end! We purchased some bunk beds and now our “big” kids have somewhere to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ Once we have lived with them a few weeks I’ll let you know how we like them.

Another mini project was to purge and sort the baby clothes. I struggled with this project before I even started it. I asked several moms of many (since we hope to have many) what they did. I scoured blogs and Pinterest. I changed my mind 27x. Finally, I decided to go with our overall approach to stuff: less is more! So I heavily purged baby girl clothes. While I hope to have another girl at some point it is not practical to hold onto lots of girl clothes when this baby is a boy. We hope to avoid pregnancy for a year after each baby is born so at a minimum I would be storing baby girl clothes for another 3m of pregnancy, plus 12m of caring for a new baby boy, plus another 9m of pregnancy assuming that future baby was even another girl. That’s keeping clothes for another 24 months on the chance that I got pregnant at 13 months postpartum with a girl. To me that’s absurd! And knowing me I will want to go pick out a few new things anyway!

Obviously, I kept more boy things but not by much. And as a general rule I don’t save anything over 2T because it’s unlikely sizes/seasons will match up. And around that point kids start to have their own preferences and style so I ask their opinions when we need to fill gaps in wardrobe. The only exceptions to this rule are gowns (bc they’re so expensive) and snow gear like ski pants, heavy jackets, etc.

As far as vehicle prep goes, we upgraded to an ’09 7-seater Toyota Sienna. It is a dream! Huge trunk, dvd player, one door slides open automatically, and it has low miles! And to go with it we bought this new car seat for Zeta. He is currently in this infant seat that converts to a booster (rated for 5-65lbs). We already have a Pinnacle for Tau so we knew we would like it for Zeta. Baby 3 will go in the Marathon and the “big kids” will have similar Pinnacles ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as “preparing” the kids we haven’t done much. We always refer to him as OUR new baby and even when not pregnant we talk about how wonderful babies are how they are gifts from God to be treasured and thankful for! We did buy this book though ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I did not want the Baby Makes Five book because it is VERY negative for majority of the book and I didn’t want to chance Tau mimicking those behaviors. So far they seem very excited about their brother. Both love to kiss my belly and she talks about how they will give him hugs when he arrives.

Financially speaking, we paid for the birth in full in cash. We have also set aside money to pay for lip and tongue tie revision. Both of our kids needed it so we are assuming he will too. We had to pick a new pediatric dentist since our previous one retired. I have been emailing him to get details as far as insurance coverage and reimbursement.

All total, this baby will cost about $24,000, most of it being the vehicle. Since we now have a 7-seater costs should be considerably lower if we are blessed with a #4 in the future!

How do you prep for a baby?




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