Product Reviews…

I am NOT getting any kind of compensations to review these items! I just like helping people make informed decisions 😉

A few months ago we bought this new bunk bed. Having lived with it for a little while now I can safely say that I love it! The kids can easily manage the stairs to have parties on the top bunk. All the drawers slide out easily, even the ones on the carpet! And I love the little cubby-like shelves built into the side of the stairs. I would absolutely buy from this company again!

Next up… the Squatty  Potty! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but hang in there. I actually notice a difference! It is more comfortable to go and my kids can easily and confidently use the potty by themselves. And on a very personal note- after each birth I have had a lot of pain from hemorrhoids. Within three days of using the Squatty potty they stopped bothering me. That alone makes it worth its weight in gold!!! I got the 7″ but kinda wish I had gotten the 9″ now. Apparently I underestimated my squatting prowess! I bought ours off of Amazon because I intended to get every bit of use out of our free Prime shipping!

Lastly, my new friend Loopy! I have three kids so I never have a free hand. Having my phone on a Loopy is awesome! I can easily carry my phone and keys and coffee in one hand when we are out the door. I can reach the entire screen with my thumb without dropping the phone now. I can pick up my phone with my TOES when I am trapped under a baby and can’t reach it with my arm! Yes, I realize that is a weird scenario but it has happened once or twice at bedtime. Now I just need a Loopy for the Roku! I also paid a little extra for the tempered glass ($12). It is already chipped which is a lot better than my iPhone screen being chipped! So worth $12!

What products are you loving lately?!


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