Life with Dex…


Tau has had her Dexcom for a few months now and it has been an absolute blessing! I don’t worry that she will go dangerously low at night as often. It has a built in alarm that warns me when she gets too low. I have set alarms for when she is too high so I can correct her and avoid DKA and long term organ damage. I can also see her levels on my iPhone and then share that with others like Alpha and other caregivers.


Within the first 8 weeks of having her Dexcom her A1C went down from 7.9% to 7.2% Score! For her age group they want her below 8.5% but that seems too high IMO.


Our next step is an insulin pump. I will be able to give her insulin down to 0.01 units and not have to inject her every time. The site will have to be changed every 3 days but that is still a lot better than getting 4+ injections a day!

I decided on the Animas Vibe for several reasons: 1) it is accepted by both our insurance companies 2) it is approved for children 2y and older 3) it is waterproof so she can take it in the pool without having to detach and miss meds 4) it syncs with her Dexcom 5) BONUS! it comes in pretty color options 🙂



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