One Cent Short…

So something interesting happened to me the other day. We were headed somewhere and on our way I decided I needed a giant Dr Pepper. The timing was great because after I announced this Alpha said he needed a snack to bring his bgl up. Detour into Cumbies it is 🙂
I grabbed my giant death drink and a Kind bar for hubby. The total came to $3.14. I had exactly $3.13 in my wallet. One cent short. Out of habit it said aloud “seriously? God, this is a bad joke.” Having heard this the cashier was kind and offered to give me change and began to fumble for his wallet. I started to look for one of those “take a penny, leave a penny trays” and I swear a penny literally appeared on the counter. Just sitting there all by itself, not even in a tray, exactly when I needed it. So I gave the cashier this last penny I owed, said a quick yet sincere “thank you Jesus, halleluyeer ” in my best Madea voice and went on my way.

I don’t believe in coincidence so I googled “3:14 bible”. And I got
Ephesians 3:14- For this reason I kneel before the Father.
Isn’t that so appropriate?! We are all sinners. And we all come up short. But God is there for us. He has that last bit we need. We need his love and grace because we alone are not enough. I think that God was giving me a wink and a nod saying in a simple way “I got ya girl!”


About Cheryl

Twenty something SAHM to two beautiful babies!
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